IACIS Emerging Investigator Award

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The IACIS Emerging Investigator Award is an award for outstanding fundamental or applied research in the field of colloid and interface science. Three prizes will be presented every three years at the IACIS conference. Candidates should demonstrate their own profile by publications or patents and a presentation at the IACIS conference.

Prior to a IACIS conference, nominations can be made by the candidates themselves or by a nominator. Nominations should include a cover letter explaining the contribution of the candidate to the field of colloid and interface science, a CV including a list of publications and patents, information about teaching activities and outreach activities. Typically nominees are within 6 years of receiving their PhD, however career interruptions or other circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the jury. The jury will be nominated by the chair of the conference and comprising: one representative of the IACIS council, one member of the local organizing Committee, one representative selected from the plenary speakers and one member of the International advisory board.

Candidates are selected by the jury in two steps. Before the IACIS conference, from the nominations up to 15 candidates will be selected to present their work during the IACIS conference. During the conference the jury, will select the three award winners based on this presentation.

All presenters will get a certificate “IACIS Early Career Researcher Award Finalist”. The three award winners will receive a certificate and an equivalent of 3000 Australian dollars sponsored by KAO Corporation.