Plenary Speakers

Prof. Stephen Hyde, FAA - A.E. Alexander Lecturer

Stephen Hyde is in the School of Chemistry, University of Sydney. He is interested in self-assembly of structures, particularly those with interesting topologies and the genesis of geometrical structure (e.g. solid and liquid crystals, melts) from local constraints. In the past few years he has been exploring tangling of one-dimensional threads, giving for example knots or infinite weavings, as well as tangled nets. The work is fundamental, but is motivated by tangled materials in nature, from RNA to synthetic metal-organic molecules and frameworks.

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Prof. Kazue Kurihara - 2022 IACIS Life Time Achievement Award recepient

The 2022 IACIS Life Time Achievement Award has been awarded to Professor Kazue Kurihara, Tohoku University, Japan for her outstanding research on surface force measurements, including major innovations, which have broadened the range and scope of the technique. Professor Kurihara has also been instrumental in encouraging young scientists and by dedicated work promoting our society. 

Among Prof Kurihara’s major achievements is developing the surface force apparatus for opaque samples, which is used for electrochemistry and fluorescence spectroscopy, as well as for studying ice. She has been active in promoting colloid and interface science through, for example, membership of editorial boards and numerous international collaborations. She was elected as a council member of IACIS in 2006, president-elect in 2009 and president from 2012 to 2015. In 2012, she was chair of IACIS2012 in Sendai. Her achievements have been internationally recognized by various awards including 2013 IUPAC Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Award, and the A.E. Alexander Lectureship Award 2011 from the Australasian Colloid and Interface Society. She has been an elected member of Science Council of Japan since 2005

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Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska, PhD

Lidia Morawska is Distinguished Professor at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and the Director of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health at QUT, which is a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization on Research and Training in the field of Air Quality and Health. Lidia also holds positions of Adjunct Professor, Institute for Environmental and Climate Research (ECI), Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, of Vice-Chancellor Fellow, Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE), University of Surrey, UK, and is a co-director of the Australia-China Centre for Air Quality Science and Management She conducts fundamental and applied research in the interdisciplinary field of air quality and its impact on human health and the environment, with a specific focus on science of airborne particulate matter. She is a physicist and received her doctorate at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland for research on radon and its progeny.  An author of over eight hundred journal papers, book chapters and refereed conference papers, Lidia has been involved at the executive level with a number of relevant national and international professional bodies, is a member of the Australian Academy of Science and a recipient of numerous scientific awards.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Srinivasa R. Raghavan

Srinivasa (Srini) Raghavan is a Professor at the University of Maryland, where he heads the Complex Fluids and Nanomaterials Group (http://complexfluids.umd.edu). His contributions to colloid and polymer science include various smart fluids (e.g., fluids whose viscosity can be reversibly switched a million-fold by light), hydrogels (e.g., one that rapidly expands in seconds), capsules (e.g., those with multiple layers or compartments) and biomaterials (e.g., polymers that gel blood). A technology invented in his lab to stop bleeding has been translated into a product (Rapid-Seal Wound Gel) that is available in pharmacies.   

Prof. Susan Perkin

Susan Perkin is Professor of Physical Chemistry and Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. She studied at St. John’s College, Oxford (MChem 2002) and Balliol College, Oxford (DPhil 2006; Jowett Senior Scholar), spending much of her DPhil as visitor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Susan currently leads a research team with interests in the physics and physical chemistry of concentrated electrolytes and ionic liquids, molecular mechanisms of friction and lubrication, field and confinement effects on confined liquids, and controlling surface forces. 

Prof. Valeria Molinero

Valeria Molinero is the Jack and Peg Simons Endowed Professor of Theoretical Chemistry and Director of the Henry Eyring Center for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Utah. She completed her PhD at the University of Buenos Aires in 1999. Valeria uses computer simulations, statistical mechanics and develops novel models to investigate the interplay between microscopic structure, dynamics and phase transformations in a variety of disordered materials including nucleation of bubbles, crystals and clathrate hydrates and the effect of nanoconfinement on liquid structure.

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